Asianajotoimisto Bird & Bird Oy – Trainee

If you are prepared to work in one of the leading business law firms in Finland, with an international approach, and you wish to gain first-class professional skills, we are happy to introduce you to our Trainee programme. The Trainee programme consists of four intensive months during which you will work as a fulltime Trainee. Apply for the traineeship by 24 February 2019. For further information click here

Borenius – Associate Trainee

The traineeship is a six-month full-time position from 2 September 2019 to 6 March 2020. Our Associate Trainee programme is aimed at students who are in the final stages of their studies. As an associate trainee, you can concentrate on a particular field of law that interests you most. Our associate trainees gain valuable hands-on experience by working on tasks similar to those of associates. The application period is 1–28 February 2019. For further information click here

Avance – Trainees

We are always eager to welcome new like-minded colleagues to complement our team. In particular, we are looking for enthusiastic and talented law students to join us as trainees in spring 2019 and for otherperiods as well. We welcome applications from first year to final stage students for any time of the year. If you are interested in applying for a trainee position, please send your application (together with your CV, transcript of studies, matriculation examination certificate and high school diploma) For further information click here

Roschier Attorneys, Ltd. – Thesis Trainee

Roschier Attorneys, Ltd söker en Thesis Trainee. Som Thesis Trainee får du vägledning och tillhandavisning av Roschiers Jurister till skrivandet av ditt pro gradu-avhandling. Ansökningstiden till Thesis Trainee- programmet slutar 31.05.2019. Mera information om programmet samt vart du kan lämna ditt ansökan hittar du här.