Hannes Snellman – Associate Trainee

Are you a law student in the final years of your studies? Do you wish to gain invaluable work experience in a Nordic law firm? If so, then we think you will fit in perfectly with us. We are looking for our next associate trainees, and our ideal candidate would be a committed law student who has completed at least 150 study credits before applying. We hope you are ambitious, genuinely interested in business law, and fluent in English and Finnish

Please submit your application, CV, and relevant certificates, i.e. high school and matriculation examination diplomas as well as a transcript of your studies by 20 March 2019 at the latest. We will interview candidates on a rolling basis throughout the application period, so we encourage you to send your application in as soon as possible. For further information click here

Krogerus – Associate Trainee – Autumn 2019

Are you interested in joining forces with Finland’s leading law practitioners? Would you like to have the chance to apply your legal knowledge into practice in an area that interests you the most? If the answer is ”yes, definitely”, please continue reading!

Get to know us as a company and the practice areas we specialise in, and check out our tips for applying. Submit your application, CV, and a transcript of records from your studies in English at https://emp.jobylon.com/jobs/36486/ by 26 March. We want you to tell us what drives you and which specific practice area you would like to work with and why. For further information click here

Asianajotoimisto Castrén & Snellman Oy – Harjoittelijoita syksylle 2019

Etsimme nyt 2.9.2019 alkaviin harjoitteluohjelmiimme
nuorempia harjoittelijoita
vanhempia harjoittelijoita
Täytä hakemus mahdollisimman pian verkkosivuillamme. Hakuaika vanhempien harjoittelijoiden ohjelmaan päättyy maanantaina 18.3.2019 ja nuorempien sekä KM-harjoittelijoiden ohjelmiin sunnuntaina 24.3.2019. Lisätietoja täältä

Roschier, Attorneys Ltd. – Office Support, fall 2019

The Office Support program is intended for law students at an early stage of their studies. As Office Support, you will have an opportunity to gain an understanding of the lawyer’s world. You will see how daily assignments are managed and get a view of the working methods of a large law firm. From day one, you will also get to take part in internal training sessions within Roschier University

In general, you will work on office support -related tasks. This includes assisting members of our staff in day-to-day office and administrative tasks like copying, scanning, compiling and delivering client assignment-related materials. Further duties include servicing conference rooms and personnel kitchens, assisting in organizing events as well as taking care of other tasks as required. All in all, the work of our Office Support keeps the “wheels turning” and is very much appreciated throughout the firm.

Please apply by filling out the application form by 24 March 2019. For further information click here

Borenius – Associate Trainee

The traineeship is a six-month full-time position from 2 September 2019 to 6 March 2020. Our Associate Trainee programme is aimed at students who are in the final stages of their studies. As an associate trainee, you can concentrate on a particular field of law that interests you most. Our associate trainees gain valuable hands-on experience by working on tasks similar to those of associates. The application period is 1–28 February 2019. For further information click here

Avance – Trainees 

We are always eager to welcome new like-minded colleagues to complement our team. In particular, we are looking for enthusiastic and talented law students to join us as trainees in spring 2019 and for otherperiods as well. We welcome applications from first year to final stage students for any time of the year. If you are interested in applying for a trainee position, please send your application (together with your CV, transcript of studies, matriculation examination certificate and high school diploma) torecruitment@avanceattorneys.com. For further information click here

Roschier Attorneys, Ltd. – Thesis Trainee

Roschier Attorneys, Ltd. hakee nyt joukkoonsa Thesis Traineeta. Thesis Traineena saat ohjausta ja opastusta Roschierin juristeilta pro gradu-tutkielmasi kirjoittamiseen. Hakuaika Thesis Trainee-ohjelmaan päättyy 31.05.2019. Lisätietoa ohjelmasta ja hakemuksen voit jättää täältä