Hannes Snellman – Associate Trainees Spring and Summer 2020

Are you a law student in the final years of your studies? We are looking for our next associate trainees, and our ideal candidate would be a committed law student who has completed at least 150 study credits before applying. We hope you are ambitious, genuinely interested in business law, and fluent in English and Finnish. We are now welcoming applications for the spring 2020 period starting on 7 January 2020 as well as summer 2020 period starting on 11 May 2020. Please submit your application, CV, and relevant certificates, i.e. high school and matriculation examination diplomas as well as a transcript of your studies by 19 September 2019 at the latest. For further information click here

Castrén & Snellman – Nuoremmat harjoittelijat, KM-harjoittelijat, Vanhemmat harjoittelijat

Asianajotoimisto Castrén & Snellman etsii nuorempia ja vanhempia sekä KM -harjoittelijoita keväälle 2020. Lisätietoa työtehtävistä löydät
(junior) ja täältä (senior).

Viimeinen hakupäivä molempiin tehtäviin on 15.9.2019.